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When 9 out of 10 local hires happen through a referral from a friend, you need a simple way to know who your friends already trust 

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What Is TapHire?

TapHire is a network connecting users with providers their friends recommend.


Think of it as “LinkedIn for the consumer world”.

For providers - TapHire maximizes the marketing potential of every customer by making it simple to recommend providers to their friends.

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How does TapHire drive word of mouth?

TapHire makes it simple to find providers friends trust and recommend, saving users the effort of asking around.


Data shows that 9 out of 10 provider hires start with a recommendation from a friend.

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How does TapHire make


We only have some thoughts on how this can be done. We will probably end up building powerful new capabilities as premium services in the future.

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Why do so many customers recommend their providers on TapHire?

Because it's simple! Consumers using TapHire to pay their providers, end up providing social recommendations in over 50% of the times - It's a lot of free marketing value.

Because it's free! TapHire is designed to make it free and simple to collect payments, providers not only benefit from simple payments collection, but also from receiving powerful social recommendations and referrals.

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Who is behind TapHire?

TapHire is founded by a team of who spent the last decade building Apps at Google and other leading companies in Silicon Valley.

We are based in Palo Alto, CA

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Who is funding TapHire?

TapHire is self funded and intends to remain this way.

We believe in maximizing user joy over all else.

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How do providers get recommended?

1. Payments collected using TapHire result in social recommendations over 50% of the times.

2. Consumers can easily search and recommend any provider they worked with.

3. Providers can proactively ask their customers for a recommendation.

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What’s TapHire’s mission?

Our mission is to enable the next workplace. We think of it as "The Work Network".


A safe place for consumers and providers to connect and conduct business.

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